Katerina Steklova is Regional Airports Manager for Central Europe, responsible for the airports of this region –Amsterdam, Brussels, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, and Vienna– and her job is to ensure that the checking in and dispatching of flights from her stations is secure and efficient, and that they adhere to Iberia’s standards.
I joined Iberia in 2014 after working for another airline in Caracas airport. Iberia made me an offer and I didn’t hesitate! My permanent residence, where my family lives, is Madrid. Owing to political and social circumstances, we left Venezuela in 2018. But I’m currently living in Havana.
“Madrid is hard to beat”. Twenty-seven pieces of luggage and later a container with I don’t know how many cubic tonnes, and our Spanish adventure began. The Spanish care a lot more about the quality of life than do Latin Americans. Here people complain a lot, but it’s because they don’t realise how good they have it. I live much better in Madrid than in Colombia or El Salvador.