Imposing buildings such as the Puerta del Alcalá, the facade of the Royal Palace. the entrance to the Botanical Garden. the Royal Basilica of Saint Francis the Great. Real Casa de la Aduana and the tombs of Ferdinand VI and Barbara de Braganza were all designed by Francisco Sabatini. This architect and military engineer serving Charles III and Charles IV had a huge part to play in how Madrid Looks today. To mark 300 years since his birth. the city declared 2021 as his year. This tribute concludes in January 2022 with an exhibition at Centro Cultural de la Villa.
Until 23 January, the Amsterdam Light Festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary with spectacular displays created by the best designers in the industry, both Dutch and international. This year, the canals will be illuminated by 20 of the most outstanding works from the nine previous editions. With the theme of 'Celebrate Light', they can be seen from the shore or from a 75-minute boat ride.
The warmth of the Indian Ocean and its calm, crystalline waters far from large urban sprawls have made the almost 1,200 Maldives islands — with their 26 atolls of reefs and sand banks — the perfect home for millions of submarine species. Few places in the world offer such extraordinary divine conditions.
With unforgettable sunsets, nature, sport, exquisite cuisine and a unique culture dating back to the third millennium BC and the powerful legacy of the ancient Talayotic people; the Belearic archipelago boasts many hidden treasures.
Although they´re at their peak from November to January, the northern lights can be seen at the Artic Circle in one of nature´s most beautiful shows from late September till mid-March.
As well as being the largest and populous of the 16 states making up Germany, Bavaria is one of the country´s most fascinating regions.
We visit Boa Mistura´s new studio in Madrid´s Vallecas neighbourhood to talk to the illustrator Pablo Purón, the philosophical member of this artists´collective, about its new project.
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