A Chat with Erika Medina Arriaga, an Iberia Airport Supervisor in Mexico City


Name: Erika Medina Arriaga

Position: Mexico City Airport Supervisor for Iberia

Nationality: Mexican

Residence: Mexico City 

How Did You Come to Work for Iberia?

Ever since the first time I flew Iberia as a passenger, in 2013, I knew I wanted to become part of the company, and it became a dream of mine. And when seven years late I applied for a job posting for supervisor, happily that dream came true.

What Do You Like Most About Working for Iberia?

For me it’s all about doing part to help our passengers fulfill their dream of traveling to Spain and all the destinations in our network. Plus it fills me with pride to know that we have in our fleet the most modern aircraft on the market, the A350.


What Do You Like Most About Mexico?

Without a doubt it’s the archaeological sites We have 193 open to the public throughout the country, and I love imagining that underneath our cities and lands of today there lie the remains of entire ancient civilisations.

…and about Spain?

What I love most is Spain’s historic architecture. I’m fascinated by all its many palaces, cathedrals, and other buildings dating back centuries and reflecting different styles and cultural influences. Each site has a remarkable story to tell, and it’s marvelous to be able to visit them.

In fact, Spain was the first place I ever visited outside Mexico, in 2013, and I fell in love with it. I spent six months in Galicia and had the chance to visit various places in the region, including Vigo, A Coruña, Lugo, and Santiago de Compostela – along with other Spanish cities including Madrid and Barcelona.

Why Should Other Mexicans Come Visit Spain? 

Well, without a doubt there´s a special connection between Mexico and Spain, and Mexicans should definitely visit at least once in their lives. From festivals and sport to museums, Spain has something for everyone.

And What Advice Would You Give to People Who Want to Visit Mexico? 

My country should definitely be on everyone´s bucket list. Our arms are open to the world and we love to receive people from all corners of it to show them the wonders we have in our country. Whether it´s solo, with family, or with friends, Mexico also has something for everyone.

What´s Your Favourite Mexican Dish?

We have one of the world´s best cuisines, from simple tacos and quesadillas to complex and exotic dishes (and even a handful including insects, if you dare!). But my favourite is definitely pozole, a broth made from cacahuazintle corn kernels, to which vegetables and  different types of meat and spices, are added, depending on the region. Everyone should try pozole!

What´s One Lesser Known Corner of Mexico You´d Particularly Recommend?

Kino Bay in Sonora, in the north. . It is a place where you can see the desert meet the sea, and the sunsets here are quite a spectacle.


And a place you especially recommend in Spain?

Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia. It´s like being in a fairy tale, with its beautiful cathedral, tranquil streets, and warm people. It makes you want to come back and thousand and one times.