Julio Enrique, an Uruguayan in Madrid


Name: Julio Enrique Tessadri

Role: AGSA

Nationality: Uruguay

Place of residence: Madrid


– Role and brief description of your job.

Auxiliary services to air transport (Ramp operations). I am a ramp technician and, among my responsibilities, I take care to assist, along with my colleagues, in the safe and efficient arrival and departure of flights, at T4 and T4S in Barajas, Madrid.


– How did you start working for Iberia? And how did you come.

to live at your current place of residence?

I have always enjoyed flying–it’s a family thing, mostly from my maternal grandmother, who spent her life working for Iberia, from the early days of the airline. I applied to join Iberia and I was lucky enough to get the job. I have spent almost 20 years living in Spain, although the first place I lived was Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. I moved to Madrid for professional reasons, and I have been there since late 2003.


– How have you adapted to the way of life in Spain, both in terms of work and your personal life?

Adapting to Spain has been easy, both personally and professionally, mainly because of my grandmother having been born here, and also the fact that I spent some time in Salamanca while I was studying for my degree in Uruguay, which made it easier to adapt.


– Can you tell us about the difference you observe between your two cultures?

The main difference between Uruguay and Spain is the range of cuisine Spain has throughout its different regions, as well as the several official languages it has.


– What stands out the most about the Spanish for you?

The way of living and having relationships. Spanish people don’t limit their enjoyment to the weekends but instead try to make the most of every day.


– Do you know any other Uruguayans working at Iberia?

Yes, a colleague who came to Spain when she was small.


– What’s your favourite spot in Madrid?

The Retiro Park, as it is full of nature and has a special charm.


– A place you’d love to visit.

The Camino de Santiago.


– Your perfect Sunday.

As a good Uruguayan, there is nothing like sharing a good roast with family and friends.