5 Strategies for Anxious Flyers Travelling on their Own


Anxiety about getting on a flight by themselves can be an overwhelming experience for many people who experience fear of flying, but there are several effective strategies to help manage it – and even turn it into a rewarding experience.

Here we’ll explore a handful of relatively little-known tips that can completely change your perception of solo flying, designed to empower you and make you feel safer during your journey. Here we go!


Put Together an ´Aspirational’ Music Playlist

Music is a key mood setter, of course. But don’t go just for the merely relaxing, but rather for songs which empower you and make you feel strong and safe. Make choices which fill you with energy and confidence can completely change your mood and help you experience flying as a challenge of personal development and growth with determination.

Practice Inflight Mindfulness

Instead of trying to merely distract your mind whilst flying, try mindfulness, a technique that involves being fully present in the current moment while observing your thoughts and emotions without judgment. It’s not about “not thinking about anything”, but rather not holding onto it, and watching the thoughts come and go. This can help you accept your worries without letting them overwhelm you and help you stay calm during the flight.

Create a ´Tranquility Kit´

You can of course use traditional relaxation methods if that helps, but you can also support yourself by creating a personalised “tranquility kit” with items which comfort you and provide a sense of security. It can include things such as a meaningful photograph that transports you to a place of calm; a card with a phrase written by you that reminds you how safe it is to fly; of a book or brochure about the place you are going to visit to connect with the pleasant emotions of be exploring new destinations.

Establish an Internal Dialogue

If you become obsessed with trying to calm yourself down, you may end up achieving the opposite effect, so it´s better to establish an internal dialogue with your fears. Talk through your concerns as you would with a supportive friend, acknowledging and validating them whilst also reminding yourself of your ability to navigate and overcome them.

Practice ´Creative Visualisation´

Picture exciting and rewarding scenarios that could arise as a result of facing your fear. Visualise all the enriching and satisfying experiences that you will be able to live when you are at your travel destination.

Lastly, remember that there is no one right way to address fear, so experiment with different techniques and find out which ones work best for you. Happy – and fearless – flying!


David Lanzas is a psychologist specialising in anxiety and trauma, and founder of the Lanzas Institute.