The Perfect Playlists to Counter Fear of Flying



If you’re planning your holidays, but thinking about getting on a plane gives you pause, you’re far from alone. And over the years we’ve offered many ways to overcome fear of flying, but this time we’re taking a different approach: music, which can help soothe and drown out that panicky little voice in your head, letting you arrive at your destination much more relaxed. And as a bonus, we’re including 17 playlists that can become your best travel companions. So let’s strike up the band!

The Fear of Flying 


Oftentimes people who are afraid to fly plan their trips based on the distance to the destination and/or the means of transportation they will use. The phrase “I’m afraid to fly” is heard more frequently than we think.

According to some estimates, about 25 percent of the population suffers from aerophobia. If you’re one of these people, you should know that it’s a natural emotional response that, like other fears, you can counter or diminish with little tricks.

The Benefits of Music


Music, which accompanies us all through our lives, can help people manage their emotional states and reduce their levels of stress and anxiety, noticeably improving their quality of life; music therapy is an increasingly widespread treatment in psychology.

In fact, music has such an impact on our bodies and minds that the right kind can even help fearful flyers forget the “loss of control” of flying on a plane. The tempo of the piece playing at any given moment can get our minds and bodies in sync to the beat of the song, so that soft, slow rhythms – ones that almost mimic our heartbeat – will create a harmony between body and brain that will help create ever more distance between you and your fear of flying. Your perception of the sound of the engines will fade into the background, and you will picture yourself at your destination, enjoying your well-earned holiday.

Harmonic Helpers


Don’t forget to bring good headphones, especially noise-cancelling ones that will permit you to block certain sounds, since for many, the inability to identify the source of these completely natural sounds in the cabin is one of the greatest sources of fear.  Special headphones and music will be your best friends, but controlled breathing as your songs play will help you to find serenity. Exhaling and inhaling deeply during several minutes will allow you to find your own control space and an inner refuge in which you will feel better.

Before showing you the best playlists to beat fear of flying, we recommend you hit “play” even before boarding the plane so that the gentle harmonies and rhythms may start to soothe your nerves immediately. And try one or more of the following playlists:

Classical Music

With its slow instrumentals and softer sounds, the right kind of classical will let you feel positive emotions and help you in your relaxation exercises:

Music of Nature


The sounds of nature are associated with the feeling of disconnecting and relaxation, banishing negative thoughts:


Music for Concentration & Relaxation

Apart from helping you reduce stress, this genre will promote a state of inner peace that will help you forget your fear of flying:


Music with Lyrics

With this playlist you’ll be able to overpower your fear of flying with sweet, mellow, and relaxing sounds which will transport you to your happy place: