8 of Galicia´s Top Spots to Savour Local Cuisine


Apart from its scenic, historic, and cultural riches, Spain´s green northwest corner has a tasty, distinctive cuisine and superbs wines such as crisp white Albariño to delight your palate. And here are some of the top spots in its top cities to find

A Coruña Province

A Pulpeira de Melide

Polbo (octopus) is perhaps Galicia´s foremost seafood speciality – especially a feira, grilled, sprinkled with paprika and sea salt, drizzled with olive oil, and accompanied by boiled potatoes – and “Melide´s Octopus Restaurant” on one of centre city´s main squares, Praza de España, is a must for octo-aficionados. Other choice seafood choices include scallop-and-anchovy gildas (skewers), sardine empanadas, tuna tartare, and various preparations of exquisite local clams and mussels. 

Timón Bar

Located in the fairly unremarkable town of Ferrol, a half hour outside A Coruña, “Rudder” has the informal vibe (and the wallet-friendly prices) of a nicely decorated bar but serves up cuisine that´s definitely a cut above, with outstanding dishes such as turbot with beet oil, steak tartare with apple, marinated salmon, and basmatic rice with vegetables. 

Restaurante San Francisco

It´s worth the 45-minute drive west out to the coastal town of Malpica de Bergantinos, where you can enjoy spectacular Atlantic Ocean views whilst dining on more fabulous seafood in various forms – baked, fried, grilled, and in stews – and for a real local treat, try the boiled percebes (goose barnacles). There´s a formal dining room and an area for more informal grazing.


Pulpería A Lareira

It´s not big on ambiance, and the menu is fairly limited, but “The Fireplace”, in business for four decades, and located a ten minute stroll from the city´s historic centre, is still one of the best places in town to enjoy polbo á feira.  


A Taberna

A culinary landmark in this city´s old town since 1990, “The Tavern” focusses on fresh and ideally wild ingredients, with its most popular dishes including anglerfish with prawns, salmon tacos, and paella-style rice dishes with lobster. You can also order a tasting menu of seven dishes for the very reasonable price of just 44 euros (excluding drinks). 

Pontevedra Province

Casa Rosita

Located in the historic and Albariño wine town of Cambados, on one of the fjords of Galicia´s Rías Baixas region, this family-run restaurant and 50-room hotel has passed through five generations, and specialises in fresh, fjord-to-plate seafood such as broiled and other preparations of anglerfish, turbot, sole, sea bass, and hake. And its star dish is salpicón de mariscos, a delicious mélange of prawns with three types of crab meat. 

A Fonda Do Sopapo

Right in the old town of of Galicia´s largest city, Vigo, this old-style Galician taverna is all about traditional home-style local cooking at affordable prices. Standout dishes of course include the ubiquitous polbo and empanadas, but also the likes of thick-cut steaks of Bandeira beef (among Spain´s most prized), and mackerel en escabeche (marinated in vinegar, oil, and spices).  

Santiago de Compostela

O Dezaseis

“The Sixteen” (named after its street number on Rua San Pedro) is a 29-year-old oasis of welcoming, traditional ambiance right in the heart of the old quarter, the star is el polpo á grella (grilled octopus), but there are a number of other appealing dishes as well, including, fried cheese with tomato jam, mussels in citrus marinade, and caldo gallego (the classic “Galician broth” of white beans, turnip greens, and pork chunks).