4 Affirmations Which Will Help with Fear of Flying


Many people experience anxiety or fear of flying, especially during long flights or during unfavourable weather conditions. However, there are many ways to overcome your fear of flying and enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable flight.

The fear you feel when you face getting on a plane is mainly related to two things: the images you create in your head and the messages you tell yourself about what the experience will be like.

You can’t eliminate fear merely by willing it away, but you can take responsibility for the words and images you create in your mind, because your mind does what it thinks you want it to do. And if you tell it that the plane is a “coffin with wings” or that “you won’t be able to stand it”, your mind will take care of the rest, telling you: “Okay, I understand that this is very dangerous and that you don’t want it, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of it” .And it will likely send you an anxiety attack, nightmares the night before, and anything it can to keep you from taking that flight.

Because, I repeat: the mind does what it believes you want it to do.

So today I bring you five affirmations you can use to create alternative images, healthier and adapted to reality, which will help you overcome fear of flying during your next flight.

‘I’m in Good Hands with this Cabin Crew’

The expert, highly trained professionals who operate your flight are eminently qualified to handle any situation that may arise during its course, with meticulous protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of everyone on board. So if you’re a fearful or nervous flyer, please remember that you are indeed in excellent hands with the cabin crew.

‘Aircraft Are Safe and Reliable’

Although flying and airplanes may seem scary to someone with aerophobia, they are, in fact, very safe. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the air accident rate is extremely low, with only one fatal air accident for every 16 million flights. In addition, today’s aircraft are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety and reliability. ½

‘Fear Is Natural and It’s Normal to Feel Nervous Before Flying’

Fear is a natural emotion that we all experience at various points in our lives, so remember that if you’re afraid of flying, it’s not abnormal at all. Many people feel nervous or anxious before a flight, especially if it is their first flight or if they’ve had negative flight experiences in the past. But remember that there are many ways to deal with this nervousness – many constructive, others less so.

‘I Can Regulate my Fear of Flying by Taking Preventive Measures’

Such measures include for example getting to the airport far enough in advance to avoid the stress of  “last minute”, or watching fun videos on your phone, tablet, or laptop to distract yourself.


I hope this can help you créate better thoughts and images in your mind for the next time you fly. Bon voyage!


David Lanzas, founder of the Instituto Lanzas, is a psychologist specializing in anxiety and trauma.


Photo | StockSeller_ukr