5 More Super-Cool Experiences in the Maldives


Since we started flying last year to this paradisiacal archipelago of nearly 1,200 isles and atolls out in the Indian Ocean, we keep learning more and more cool stuff about the Maldives and the myriad ways to make your luxurious holidays here truly magical. Several weeks ago we brought you ten of them, and now we’re pleased to offer five more – some you might expect, but others we’ll bet not! Have a look, and you’ll see what we mean:

Snorkelling off a Sandbank

One of the most classic (and fantastic) experiences in the Maldives is hopping on a speedboat or catamaran excursion (there are plenty of tour operators who offer them) out to one of the archipelago’s innumerable sandbanks – tiny uninhabited islets which are essentially just a few square metres of sand (with maybe a touch of scrub vegetation) amid the coral reefs. Snorkelling in the warm, crystalline waters off these is a truly riveting experience – you’ll find yourself in a gorgeous world of vibrantly colourful fish, manta rays, giant marine turtles, and maybe even a (harmless) shark or two. Lunch is usually included, and a bonus on the way out and back is dolphin spotting. An absolute don’t-miss!

Overnighting Underwater

In our last post we told you about spectacular undersea dining, but at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island you can also sleep with the fishes (so to speak) in the Muraka, a split-level, three-bedroom villa in the middle of a lagoon (and accessible via walkway) which in addition to its own pool, Jetskis, private butler and personal trainer service has three bedrooms, one of which is 16 feet underwater, with windows wrapping around and above the entire room.  Worth a once-in-a-lifetime splurge? Check it out here and decide for yourself!

Jumping from a Plane

Though much of the Maldives’ appeal lies on and under its waters, the view from above – emerald isles and cottony white sandbars set amid a sea of brilliants blues, greens, and turquoises – is pretty spectacular, too. And that plus a sheer adrenaline rush is what you’ll experience when you sign up for a skydiving excursion, hurtling in tandem with an expert instructor from 1,800 metres (just over a mile) up at 200 kilometres (124 miles) an hour. Another once-in-a-lifetime bucket-lister, for sure!

Wallowing in Wellness

For something a wee bit more sedate – as well as sensuous and soothing – many of the Maldives’ luxury hotels and resorts offer marvelous spa experiences and wellness/detoxification/rejuvenation  programmes to nurture both mind and body. They include yoga sessions (underwater yoga, anyone?); life coaching; treatments and rituals; exquisite spa cuisine; Ayruveda; chakra alignment; vitamin infusion; aromatherapy; among various others – and many of these can be enjoyed with lovely sea views. Learn to live your best life on amidst absolutely stunning surroundings whilst on holiday – really, what could be better?

And Would You Believe ‘Ice’ Skating?

This last – and not least, but certainly least expected – is cool not just conceptually but literally! On the South Malé Atoll, the 89-villa-and-suite Jumeirah Vittaveli resort – the local outpost of the ultra-luxury Emirates-based chain – boasts an amenity unique in the Maldives: an ice rink 170m (558 feet) long! Furthermore, its one which uses waterless “synthetic ice” and runs at environmentally friendly zero-energy level. So how about having a warm swim and/or snorkel, then coming in, strapping on some skates, and taking a few spins around this rink with a sweet beach view? Hey, where else but the Maldives!

Experience all this and more by booking a flight to the Maldives for a holiday you’ll never forget – we promise!