How to Relax & Enjoy Your Flight


If you’ve ever felt the sensations of nervousness and imminent danger, an increased heart rate, hyperventilation, sweating, shaking, or fatigue, they are all usually related to anxiety and many times originate with a fear of flying. In this post we’ll teach techniques to help you relax, forget your fear of flying and let go of whatever you can’t control.

Relax Your Body & Forget Your Fear of Flying

Survey your body to detect which zones are most tense or rigid and focus on them. For example, when we’re nervous or anxious, we tend to stiffen our shoulder and neck muscles. To relax these areas, move your shoulders toward your neck, hold for a few seconds, then slowly breathe out as you lower your shoulders.

You can also try stretching every part of your body whilst sitting in your seat, using slow movements to avoid injuring yourself.

Travel with Your Mind

Start by thinking about a place where you feel comfortable. Imagine yourself in that place and focus on what is happening around you. What do you see, smell, and feel? Are you alone or with someone?

This technique helps your brain focus on something other than your fear, relaxing you both physically and mentally whilst letting the situation flow.

Imagining yourself in a comforting space will familiarise your brain with the environment, thus allowing your body to adapt to the sensation of flying without causing stress and overwhelm.

Take a Deep Breath

It sounds easy, but taking deep breaths requires a lot of concentration to do correctly and produce the proper effect. Start by placing one hand on your abdomen; this will help you breathe with your diaphragm instead of your lungs alone. Inhale through your nose for eight seconds. Afterwards, hold your breath for four seconds. And finally, slowly release the breath through your mouth whilst counting to seven. Do this a couple of times until you feel more relaxed.

Another breathing technique consists of the ‘three times three’ formula. Firstly, inhale for three seconds; then hold your breath for another three seconds; and finally, exhale through your mouth for another three seconds. Try this technique three or more times whilst your mind and body relax.

Distract Yourself to Lose Your Fear of Flying

If you don’t know how to distract yourself during your flight, at Iberia we offer you several ideas to help relieve stress.

On Iberia’s long-haul flights, you’ll be able to enjoy a broad selection of on-board entertainment, including classic and new release movies and TV programs.

We’ve also selected some playlists especially for you. Relax with classical music by Vivaldi or even sounds of nature that will mentally transport you to your destination whilst you are on your way there.

Or, if you prefer to indulge in a mobile phone game (we recommend that you pack a battery or charger if that’s the case), you can distract yourself with apps such as Fluid Simulation (for creative types) or Headspace (for the most anxious). They will be your allies throughout your flight.

So don’t let a fear of flying stop you from making the most out of your trip – relax and enjoy your flight with Iberia!

Photo| skynesher