Cool Trends We Love: Social Dining


L2F Mar 16 pic social dining goir shutterstock_383509738

Dining out has always been a social sharing – sometimes a ritual and/or and a celebration. But the explosion of social media and the so-called “sharing economy” in the past decade has taken it up a few notches. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Airbnb (which lets you share living space) and BlaBlaCar (ride sharing), comes a technology-assisted trend in social dining that has been growing in popularity.

Social dining’s appeal cuts across demographics and interests, for both residents of a place and visitors to it. Whether it’s about eating out in a restaurant or a home-cooked meal at a host’s flat or house, it both allows locals to meet new people and visitors to easily gain unusual entrée into local society – all at very affordable prices.

The technology powering this cool new eating trend is websites and apps such as BlendAboutEatWith, Social Dining Network, Spain‘s SocialEaters, and VizEat.

It’s another (and a particularly tasty) example of how technology can enrich our lives – our social lives, dining lives, travel lives. Bon appétit!

photo | goir