Traffic circuit manoeuvres are those done in the vicinity of the airport after take-off or before landing, a set of predefined trajectories which manage traffic around an airport, following a specific sequence which rarely varies.
What is Airbus' 'Airspace"? Here's a look at the aircraft maker's now iconic cabin-design concept and branding, and how it came about.
What are the factors that determine an aircraft's flight range?
An exciting inflight focus on Spanish and Latin American culture for the benefit of our passengers.
The "Isle of Enchantment" offers an amazingly diverse menu of options to visitors, in capital San Juan and well beyond - history and culture, for sure, but also tasty...
How to enjoy the great outdoors and get your adrenaline pumping on the easternmost of the Canary Islands
Here's why 'Chepe', as San José is affectionately dubbed by locals, is also very much worth staying a night or two before (or after) the beaches, the rain forest, or wherever, and here’s a quartet of musts to see whilst you’re in Costa Rica.
With its multiplicity of liquid-crystal displays along with and joysticks and soft keys to manipulate them, EFIS offers more information than the old analogue system and at the same time makes it much more visually intuitive, easy to interpret, and with a greatly reduced margin of error.
It goes without saying that the wheels of airplanes can't be like those of cars. and here we explain a little bit more about why.
If you've ever flown across multiple time zones - for example, an eight-hour flight between Madrid and New York - you've no doubt experienced the jet lag and disorientation...

The island’s current shape – and even its famous Timanfaya National Park – derive from eruptions that occurred only 300 years ago.

Today, an impressive irrigation network of levadas – built in the 16th century – delivers a unique route for exploring the island, which has nearly 2,000km of trails crossing mountains, waterfalls, tunnels and endangered forests.

On their way from Florianópolis (Brazil) to the Valdés Peninsula (Argentina), Southern right whales – which can reach 16m in length and 50 tonnes in weight – reproduce in Uruguayan waters between April and November.

Talking to yourself in a positive way can in fact influence your thoughts and help ease your fear of flying, because for the most part, the mind does what it believes you want it to do.
Panic attacks are without a doubt amongst the top worries of anxious flyers, but if one should unfortunately strike whilst you’re up in the air, a bit of useful advice on how to handle it and ride it out without angst.
This kinder, less critical way of looking at and treating yourself, overcoming the self-judgmental attitude based on beliefs such as "I must always improve" and the fear of fragility directly associated with "failure" .

Some of Spain's most fetching beaches are found along the rugged and gorgeous north coast, along the Cantabrian Sea, also part of the Atlantic.



Closest to Santander – just a 20-minute drive from downtown – this town is pleasant though not particularly picturesque or historical. What does distinguish Liencres is first of all its lovely beaches, backed by cliffs up to 73 metres (240 feet) high; they include Playa de Valdearenas (the longest), Playa de Somocuevas, and Playa de Canllave (whose strong currents attract surfers).


San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente’s towns medieval quarter is also a remarkable and picturesque time capsule, with landmarks including the 13th-century Castillo del Rey fortress, Preboste Tower, La Concepción Hospital, and Santa María de los Ángeles Church.




Apart from the lovely beaches, and the Romanesque Santa María del Puerto Church, dating back to the 13th century, the other main local allure is the Marshes Nature Reserve, harbouring 130 bird species and offering an interpretation centre as well as nature trails.



In addition to its in-town, golden-sand Playa de Comillas, including a pleasant beachfront promenade and water-sport options such as diving/snorkelling, sailing, and windsurfing, this town of around 2,200 ten minutes from San Vicente and 40 from Santander is historically and architecturally one of Cantabria’s most iconic.



Just over a half hour from Santander, this town of just over 2,500 boasts a string of comely beaches such Playa Trengandín, known for its crystalline waters, natural pools, and incredible underwater seascapes for diving/snorkelling and especially popular, full-service Playa de Ris  (also near San Pedruco Island, a nature reserve you can walk to when the tide is low).


I am Olga Balugo Andrade, head of Rosalia de Castro-Santiago de Compostela Airport service. I started working for Iberia in 1982. Since then, I have had the opportunity to develop my...
Name: John Eberty Ribeiro Goncalves Position: Passenger cabin crew Nationality: Brazilian Country of residence: Spain   - Role and brief description of your job. I am a PCC at Iberia and my main task is...
Name: Maria Luigia Musone Role: Passenger cabin crew Nationality: Italian Place of residence: Spain   - Role and brief description of your job. I am a short- and medium-haul cabin crew member. My main role...
Name: Julio Enrique Tessadri Role: AGSA Nationality: Uruguay Place of residence: Madrid   - Role and brief description of your job. Auxiliary services to air transport (Ramp operations). I am a ramp technician and, among...