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First and foremost, unsprprisingly, aircraft lights are used to improve visibility, since being seen significantly improves the safety of a form of transport that is already the world's safest.
Picturesque Los Corrales de Buelna pulls out all the stops with decorating and some 1,800 locals getting into character as 11 legions worth of Romans or 13 tribes of Cantabri, setting up encampments and markets in an attempt to recreate northern Iberia of more than 2,000 years ago.
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Central America's most populous country, with 18.6 million people, Guatemala is absolutely packed with culture, adventure, eco wonders, and beaches. And here are three of its most alluring allures:...
DC offers a suprisingly low-key, low-rise cityscape that's a mix of the modern - from inspired to humdrum - and classic landmarks, monuments, and neighbourhoods instantly recognisable to many even beyond the borders of the USA.
Knowing which Spanish airports have the most flights gives us a fairly good idea of which cities see the most air-passenger traffic - and it turns out that 75...
Pilots can usually detect a cloud formation with potential problems visually, but weather radar is especially useful in areas of heavy cloud cover or at night. 
This year we've finally been rolling out the newest generation of uniforms for our cabin crew and airport staff - designed by Teresa Helbig and introduced at Madrid's Mercedes...

No one knows for sure how byssus, a natural fibre produced by a mollusc threatened with extinction, reached Sant’Antioco in Sardinia, where it is used to create stunning embroidery.

The Community of Madrid has the most protected space on the Iberian Peninsula: 15 per cent of the entire region. Peñalara, in the Guadarrama mountain range, is the region’s highest peak. It rises 2,428m above sea level.

Rich traditions faithfully preserved, architecture that runs from ancient buildings in the medinas to monumental temples and Art Deco gems, unrivalled gastronomy, more than 3,500km of coastline and dreamy landscapes taking in the desert, deep valleys and Atlas Mountains.

by David Lanzas If  you're a fearful or anxious flyer, one of your concerns when boarding a plane might having a crippling panic attack. This worry might ruin your  flight,...
Strategies to ease jet lag before, during, and after flying.
by David Lanzas If  you're a fearful or anxious flyer, one of your concerns when boarding a plane might having a crippling panic attack. This worry might ruin your  flight,...

Some of Spain's most fetching beaches are found along the rugged and gorgeous north coast, along the Cantabrian Sea, also part of the Atlantic.



Closest to Santander – just a 20-minute drive from downtown – this town is pleasant though not particularly picturesque or historical. What does distinguish Liencres is first of all its lovely beaches, backed by cliffs up to 73 metres (240 feet) high; they include Playa de Valdearenas (the longest), Playa de Somocuevas, and Playa de Canllave (whose strong currents attract surfers).


San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente’s towns medieval quarter is also a remarkable and picturesque time capsule, with landmarks including the 13th-century Castillo del Rey fortress, Preboste Tower, La Concepción Hospital, and Santa María de los Ángeles Church.




Apart from the lovely beaches, and the Romanesque Santa María del Puerto Church, dating back to the 13th century, the other main local allure is the Marshes Nature Reserve, harbouring 130 bird species and offering an interpretation centre as well as nature trails.



In addition to its in-town, golden-sand Playa de Comillas, including a pleasant beachfront promenade and water-sport options such as diving/snorkelling, sailing, and windsurfing, this town of around 2,200 ten minutes from San Vicente and 40 from Santander is historically and architecturally one of Cantabria’s most iconic.



Just over a half hour from Santander, this town of just over 2,500 boasts a string of comely beaches such Playa Trengandín, known for its crystalline waters, natural pools, and incredible underwater seascapes for diving/snorkelling and especially popular, full-service Playa de Ris  (also near San Pedruco Island, a nature reserve you can walk to when the tide is low).


Responsible for Iberia’s operations in African airports, Said Aboury is the Regional Airports Manager in Africa. Casablanca is his hometown and residence, and where he started out his professional life...
Born in Colombia and resident in Spain, Iberia cabin attendant Robin Muñoz has dual nationality. “I feel very lucky to have the two nationalities and feel like a representative of the two prettiest countries in the world."
Roberto Daura is Iberia’s head of sales for Central America and Venezuela with base in Panama City, which he says is “both cosmopolitan and colonial, and everybody falls in love with it at first sight!”