Flying with Your Pet on Iberia


At Iberia we know very well how important our passengers´ pets are to them, and that they want furry family members, too, to be part of their travels. That’s why we do everything possible to ensure that companion animals can fly to as many of our destinations as possible, and we also do our utmost to ensure their well being and comfort throughout the entire journey.

General Guidelines

You must give advance notice, at least 48 hours in advance, so that Iberia can guarantee all the conditions for transporting the animal. This is also necessary so that the availability of the service can be ensured, since these trips are made based on availability.

For any flight, like people, the animal must be identified and have the necessary documentation to be able to fly. The passenger responsible for the animal must comply with the legal conditions so that the pet can make the trip.

Exceptional cases or restrictions in each country for the entry of animals into its territory must be taken into account.
If you are going to fly with a guide dog, you have to know that their rules and legislation are different so that they can fly with you.

Travel Options for Animals

There are three of them possible ways for an animal to travel on an airplane. In each, certain conditions must be met:


In the Passenger Cabin

For the animal to go in the cabin, it must meet a series of requirements:

  • Only dogs, cats, fish, turtles and birds (except birds of prey) may travel in the cabin, always in covered travel conveyances.
  • It must weigh less than eight kilos (17.64 pounds), including the weight of the carrier.
  • The carruer must be of an appropriate size.
  • The responsibility of the pet will always be the owner, who will ensure the correct behavior of the pet throughout the trip.
  • It must be taken into account that if the special characteristics of the animal may be bothersome to the rest of the passengers, the animal may not be transported in the cabin. Some examples are: bad smell, excessive noise…

In the Cargo Hold

  • Only dogs and cats will be allowed in the aircraft hold, with the exception of dangerous breeds and brachiocephalics (amphibians such as frogs).
  • They must always travel in carrier which complies with the required regulations and guarantees the safety and comfort of the animal.
  • If it weighs more than 45 kg it will not be able to go in the hold.
  • You must notify us at least two days before the flight.

Classified as Cargo 

  • If the pet weighs more than 45kg (99 lbs).
  • If the legislation of the destination country restricts the acceptance of animals or only accepts them as cargo.
  • If the pet’s breed has transport restrictions such as dangerous breeds or brachycephalics.
  • If you need your pet to travel alone or if it is different from what we otherwise normally accept.

At Iberia we work with WOOF Airlines, a company in charge of international pet transportation, to solve and solve larger problems.

A Couple of Final Notes

  • On Vueling, rodents must travel in the cabin.
  • Iberia does not accept mustelids (a class of mammals which includes weasels, badgers, otters, martens, and wolverines.