María del Mar Pendás from Oviedo Recommends Some of Asturias’ Great Treasures


She is a versatile Iberia administrative staff member and trainer in Asturias airport. From Oviedo, she is the ideal person to recommend some of Asturias’ great treasures.

María del Mar Pendás started with Iberia in 1990 as a handler at Asturias airport. After a nine-year hiatus, when she worked in education, she returned to the company as a versatile administrative staff member and trainer. From Oviedo, she is the ideal person to recommend some of Asturias’ great treasures.


THE BEST VIEWS: Visit the lakes in Somiedo Natural Park, in the middle of the Cantabrian mountain range. Surrounded by forests and bears, they represent nature in its purest state. Also take in the dramatic cliffs of Cape Peñas and the beautiful beaches of Llanes, a surfing destination.


A MUSEUM: Asturias boasts a verywide variety of outdoor art museums that preserve its past and
unique architectural gems. In the capital, Oviedo, you can visit PreRomanesque monuments such as Santa María del Naranco and San Julián de los Prados, and art centres such as the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias.


A STROLL: The Holy Cave of Covadonga is a unique Catholic sanctuary in the municipality of Cangas de Onís. The church, which is set in a mountain, can be reached through a grotto or by climbing 100 steps from the lake that lies at its feet. The cave gives its name to the parish of Covadonga.


DELICATESSEN: Visit the Bulevar de la Sidra and enjoy a tasty cachopo (veal dish) with a glassof the famous local cider. In Asturias, you should also try fabada (bean stew) and the delicious seafood, plus traditional rice pudding for afters.


WITH THE FAMILY: In addition to the Jurassic Museum of Asturias (MUJA) between Colunga and Lastres, visit the Ecomuseo minero ‘Valle de Samuño’. Located in Langreo, the gateway to the Tourist District of the Valle del Nalón, it is a great attraction for discovering the cultural legacy of coal and its eἀect on the landscape. A train goes through a real mine towards the Pozo San Luis de La Nueva, a historic compound that is an icon of industrial tourism in Asturias.


DON’T MISS: The Natural Cider Festival, which is held in Gijón in the last week of August, has a very broad programme of activities. Also in summer, the Descenso del Sella is a spectacular event, a Festival of Tourist Interest, which you can join in a canoe or kayak, thanks to the adventure sports companies in Asturias.