Gabriel Domínguez Villar – Country Manager Mexico & Puerto Rico

  • Name: Gabriel Domínguez Villar
  • Position: Country manager, Mexico and Puerto Rico
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Residence: Mexico City


  • Responsibilities

I’m Iberia’s sales representative for Mexico and Puerto Rico. It’s my job to set commercial strategies to improve company results, and to seek sales opportunities through all channels and from all types of customers. I also represent Iberia and British Airways institutionally in Mexico, as well as lead a sales team.

  • How did to get to Iberia? And to your current location?

I joined Iberia in 2014. I had been working at PepsiCo in revenue management, but I had always wanted to work in the airline business. So when I saw Iberia’s  help-wanted advert for a long-haul pricing manager on LinkedIn, I applied.

After a few years in that job, as part of my career plan I showed interest in moving to the sales area to my then boss, Beatriz Guillén (another of our Iberians Around the World) with luck and her support and that of the sales manager I was assigned the position of Sales Representative for Central America and Venezuela. I went to work in Panama City in 2019, and a couple of month ago I was offered the same job in Mexico City, which I was delighted to accept. It was a great challenge and an opportunity I didn’t want to miss.

  • How have you adapted to life in this country, both professionally and personally?

Mexico is a fascinating country with myriad professional and personal opportunities. There are always things to do. Mexico City is gigantic and it’s easy to get lost in the chaos and the crowds, but the fact is that I’m a city-loving person and this is not a problem for me. I don’t even mind the traffic!

The people are very approachable, polite, and cooperative, which makes it easy to fit in both inside and outside the office. In addition, the food is amazing and there are so many places to visit in the city and throughout the country, which I’m gradually  getting to know.



  • How does Mexican society differ from that of Spain?

In Spain we’re much more direct and can sound quite brusque. But in general, I notice far more similarities than differences. I feel very much at home here.

  • What strikes you the most about Mexicans?

Their perpetual smiles and their willingness to cooperate and be helpful at all times. This makes it so much easier for us foreigners!

  • Do you know other Spaniards working for Iberia here?

Yes, there are several. I often eat and play paddle tennis with a colleague from Cádiz, and I sometimes meet up with Spaniards from other companies here. But I’m still a newcomer.



  • What’s your favourite part of Mexico City?

It has to be the neighbourhood where I live, Colonia Condesa. It¡’s full of places to have a coffee, to pick up some tacos on the street, to go for a drink, or to dine. It’s a very cosmopolitan district with all sorts of restaurants and entertainment options. It’s like a small town within the larger city.

But I haven’t been here long and I’m sure to discover many more interesting spots to visit and enjoy.

  • A pending journey?

Lots! Both inside and outside the city. I have to visit Oaxaca, Acapulco, Los Cabos, Puebla, Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato…! I’ve only just arrived and there’s so much to see!

  • Your ideal Sunday?

A good breakfast followed by an intense morning CrossFit session, then a long walk and a lunch somewhere in the city. And when there’s an opportunity, to watch a Real Madrid basketball game on TV to wind up the evening.