Flying with Surfboards, Golf Clubs, or Skis


The warming weather in these coming months will make practicing outdoor sports such as surfing or golf very appealing. With these options you are likely to have some questions. How can I bring my surfboard and golf clubs (and next winter, skis) with me on the plane? At Iberia we make it very simple for you.

When flying with us, bulky luggage can be transported as long as it meets some prerequisites that guarantee the safety and well-being of the flight and of all passengers. So before preparing a trip with any of these sporting goods, you need to know that:

To be able to check them in without problem, the permitted weight is 23 kilograms (just under 51 pounds), above which you’ll have to pay an overweight charge.

Sports equipment accepted free of charge on long-haul flights counts as one piece of checked baggage. If you also carry more luggage in the hold than your free allowance, it will be counted as additional luggage and you´ll have to pay the corresponding fee.

You can make a reservation to transport special luggage and pay through the website. Payment rates vary depending on the distance the flight travels.

We recommend that if you´re carrying more than the permitted weight and have not previously booked it, you arrive at the airport before the recommended time.

It should be noted that, in addition to the above, each of this sports luggage must meet specific conditions in order to be transported.


This article may not exceed 3.5 meters (11⅓ feet) in length; only one may be transported per passenger. Also, take note that being able to transport a surfboard at all depends on the space available on the flight (which you´ll need to coordinate with us ahead of time).

Another essential requirement is that you will need to arrive at the airport with enough time in advance to allow for check in and loading the board in the hold. Due to the board´s unusual dimensions, it´s not usually possible to load it onto the aircraft like the rest of ordinary luggage. Here the company staff will be in charge of determining how the transfer will be made, and if additional expenses arise you will be expected to cover them.

Golf Clubs 

It is advisable to carry a bag with shoes, clubs, and balls, with everything correctly secured and tied so that it does not suffer damage during transport.

Ski/Snowboarding Equipment

To carry a complete set of equipment, you can carry a pair of skis, whether snow or water, a helmet, the corresponding poles and a pair of boots. You can carry it in two bags, but everything must be loaded well secured so that it moves as little as possible and its support is guaranteed.


And of course, on airlines other than Iberia you´ll need to consult their own conditions and specifications.