Avgeek Alert: Elevating the Journey: Our Livery Design Turns 10


A Visual Identity in the Sky

Iberia Airlines’ livery design is more than just colors and patterns; it’s a reflection of the airline’s essence. The vibrant hues reflect Iberia’s rich Spanish heritage and modern approach to travel. The instantly recognizable livery acts as a flying token for Spain, creating a sense of familiarity and trust among travelers worldwide. Today we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this livery.

First Impressions Count

For passengers, the appearance of an aircraft often shapes their first perception of the airline. Iberia’s well-designed livery sets the stage for a memorable journey, evoking feelings of comfort and quality. But a flawless exterior isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s a testament to the airline’s commitment to safety, sustainability and performance. Iberia works with coatings manufacturer Mankiewicz to ensure a durable finish, and the exterior paint is not the only innovation Iberia uses. What is unique about the coating?

The ALEXIT BaseCoat/ClearCoat System

  • Provides mirror like surfaces with vibrant colors
  • Shields the aircraft and the colors from the elements such as UV radiation
  • Promotes longevity and efficient operation – Iberia’s vibrant red and yellow as well as gloss remained top quality for more than a decade operating in areas with extreme UV impact
  • Is sustainable due to reduced layers, weight and solvent emissions
  • Reinforces passenger confidence in Iberia’s high standards

Unnecessary repainting and cleaning cycles have been eliminated on many aircraft in these ten years, resulting in reduced solvent emissions due to paint consumption, ferry flights or energy costs in the maintenance center.

Iberia understands the journey is more than getting from A to B. The design of the livery and the finish of the aircraft are the airline’s signature brushstrokes on the travel canvas.

How are aircraft being painted?

Whether for new build or maintenance, aircraft painting is still a true craft. Specially trained aircraft painters apply the functional layers of paint with a spray gun. The ALEXIT BaseCoat/ClearCoat system has ultra-high hiding power and requires only one coat per color. For ultimate protection, the color giving BaseCoat is covered with a layer of ClearCoat. The layers of paint are as thin as a human hair and perform reliably for decades. Click here to see the Iberia Livery come to live.

Perfect Finishes Inside-Out

Coatings play a crucial role not only on the outer skin of aircraft but also in areas where you don’t see and don’t expect them. The so-called structural parts are only coated once when the aircraft is built and are inaccessible afterward. Aluminum aircraft, therefore, need to be protected from corrosion by coatings for more than 30 years. Modern materials such as those used in the A350, one of our the most advanced aircraft, are also only possible thanks to coatings. Surface correctors from Mankiewicz turn imperfect surfaces into smooth ones—the perfect starting point for a high gloss exterior finish.

Paints also play an essential role in the cabin because most natural materials, such as metals, are too heavy. Iberia even uses coatings with antimicrobial additives.

On your next flight, look out for all the painted surfaces.

Gabriel Alarnes Varela
Key Account Manager – Aviation Coatings Iberia.