Osvaldo Gómez, a Paraguayan in Spain


Name: Osvaldo Gómez

Position: Passenger cabin crew

Nationality: Paraguayan

Country of residence: Spain


– Role and brief description of your job:

I am a member of the passenger cabin crew, and, among my roles, I share part of their journey with the passengers and ensure they travel safely and have a pleasant experience.


– How did you start working for Iberia? And how did you come to live at your current place of residence?

Ever since I began working in the aviation industry, Iberia has been a key airline in Spain, so as soon as I had the chance I took the plunge and applied for this job. My father is from Madrid, from Alcobendas, just 15 minutes from the airport, so I have been here as long as I can remember.


– How have you adapted to the way of life in Spain, both in terms of work and your personal life?

Because I have lived here since I was very small, I didn’t really need to adapt, as I have spent my whole life here.


– Can you tell us about the difference you observe between your two cultures?

I think that there are more similarities than differences, such as people being very warm. Perhaps food is something where we differ: in Paraguay we MUST have a good grilled steak every Sunday.


– What stands out the most about the Spanish for you?

How sociable they are. Everything revolves around socialising, both in and outside work. In Madrid, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is: there is always something to do.


– Do you know any other Paraguayans working at Iberia?

I don’t actually know any other Paraguayans here, but it would be great to get to know them, if there are any, and share our experiences.


– What’s your favourite spot in Madrid?

The Retiro park, without a doubt. That small sliver of nature, with such beautiful spaces, is really wonderful in such a frenzied city.


– A place you’d love to visit.

Menorca. I really want to get to know that tiny paradise we have here, and that I keep hearing about on social media.


– Your perfect Sunday.

The ideal Sunday for me starts with a good Paraguayan roast with my family, which we have at least once a month, before meeting up with friends to go and have some tapas and wine around the city and spend some time catching up.