Pietro Vento, a Venezuelan Iberia Employee in Cuba


Name: Pietro Vento

Position: Iberia Station chief at Havana Airport

Nationality: Venezuelan

Residence: Cuba 

  • Job and duties:

I’ve been the station chief in Havana for nearly four years. Previously I was coordinator in Caracas. I’m responsible for Iberia arrivals and departures here.

  • How did you come to Iberia, and to Cuba?

I joined Iberia in 2014 after working for another airline in Caracas airport. Iberia made me an offer and I didn’t hesitate!

My permanent residence, where my family lives, is Madrid. Owing to political and social circumstances, we left Venezuela in 2018. But I’m currently living in Havana.

      How did you adapt to life in Cuba, professionally and personally?

It hasn’t been easy to be separated from my family –in Cuba I live alone. In social terms, Havana is very different from Caracas, but I enjoy challenges and I try to focus on the positive.

      What are the differences between the two cultures?

For a Venezuelan in Cuba, there aren’t that many differences. We’re all Caribbean and our cultures are quite similar.

      What has impressed you most about Cubans?

Cubans are very ingenious. They adapt well to every circumstance, and they’re warm-hearted and cheerful.

      Do you know any other Venezuelans working for Iberia?

Yes, I know Venezuelan pilots, airport personnel, and office workers with Iberia in different parts of the world.

      What’s your favourite spot in Havana?

The Morro fortress is a lovely spot from which you can view the Malecon shoreline and the whole city.

      An excursion you’re planning?

I want to visit Los Cayos and the Jardines de la Reina.

      Your idea Sunday?

To be in Madrid with my family. In Havana, on Sundays I like to visit the eastern beaches.