Rainy Day at the Beach? 5 Fab Ways Around That!

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You’ve gone and paid hard-earned money to book precious holiday time at a warm, sunny beach destination. And suddenly…the heavens open up and presto, you’re washed out for the day. You could improve the odds next time by booking at destinations outside their rainy seasons or where rainy seasons are minimal to nonexistent. But if you’re already facing a rainy day at the beach, it can still be a bummer, right? Doesn’t have to be! Here are five fab ways to save the day (plus a couple of caveats!) even when you can’t hit the sands or the pool.

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Be Sure to Pick a Great Resort

Particularly if you’re resorting to a resort holiday, make sure the property you choose has the widest range of amenities and activities possible. That means all the more to do during inclement weather, from a great room to stay snuggled up in to cultural activities (and shows) to spas to dining.

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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Speaking of dining, whether you’re at a resort or just in/near a town or city with a great choice of local and international restaurants, a rainy day is a great chance to focus on the culinary offerings your destination can afford. Go for comfort food; try something new and exotic; and/or just have fun with family and friends over local wine, beer, and cocktails – it’s all good!

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Ah, the Spa

And about that spa idea…many of the world’s better resorts now offer wonderful on-property spas and wellness programmes. So by all means pamper yourself with a sit in the steam room, a relaxing rubdown or body scrub to soothing music, or (at the more elaborate facilities) a go at the water circuit or indoor pool/jacuzzi. It’s oh, so restorative and relaxing!

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Shop Till You Drop

Mighty few are the beach destinations that don’t have a shopping area aimed at parting visitors from their money. So take advantage of the rain to check out some of the more high-quality offerings, from the resort gift shop or gallery (some of which are quite impressively elaborate these days) to the streets of the nearby town or city. Pick up a memento for yourself or for loved ones, or just revel in the sights, sounds, aromas, and tastes of local traditional markets.

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Practice Exhibitionism

No, not that kind (although, hey, whatever floats your boat). I’m talking about museum and gallery exhibitions. If you’re in or near a city, most will have galleries or museums focussing on art as well as on aspects of local culture and history. Even many smaller towns these will have some kind of museum showcasing aspects of local life. And for that matter, many have other interesting sightseeing opportunities, from churches to mansions to other historic buildings. So make this an opportunity to enrich your holiday by learning a little bit more about your destination.

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Take a Tour – Some Are Terrific Even When It Rains

You might think the outdoors is out when Mother Nature gets all weepy. But there are plenty of tours which not only take place away from the weather (caves and even underground rivers in the Canaries and Balearic Islands, as well as on the Mayan Riviera, above, come to mind) but even outdoors, such as under jungle canopy In many of the beach destinations you will find fun jungle tours were you will be able to rush through the jungle on an ATV seeing the vibrant colors rush by with the warm rain on your face.

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Rainy Day Caveats

Even when it’s rainy or cloudy, if you’re in a tropical or subtropical location, you should still wear sunscreen if you’re spending any serious amount of time outdoors. The strong tropical sun may be temporarily hidden, but its UV rays are still reaching your skin, and you can still burn if you’re not careful!

Some folks enjoy taking a dip in the rain, and it can indeed be delicious! But watch for lightning, because though most resorts and resort areas have lightning rods, out on the beach you’re still vulnerable – and getting hit by lighting is a real holiday killer, to say the least.

All the above are guaranteed to get you relaxed and recharged for when the sun comes back out tomorrow. Enjoy!

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