Iberia Destination Travel Guides a Terrific Tool


These days, many are expanding their travel horizons more than ever, and it seems even more of us are relying on online resources to do so. With that in mind, Iberia has created a comprehensive yet pithy and practical set of free digital travel guides to its various destinations, which you can print out and bring with, or consult on the go on your mobile/tablet. Allow me to introduce you!

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The Iberia destination guides are divided into five broad geographical categories: Europe, North America (USA/Mexico), Central America (including the Caribbean), South America, and Africa/Middle East.

For any given category, click on “All Destinations” at the bottom of the initial sample list. After an initial introduction (accompanied when possible by a brief video from an “Iberia Mayor“, a Spanish expat or local who has volunteered to introduce our readers to the city in which he/she lives) you’ll see links organizing each entry into subcategories: Sights, Shopping, Leisure, Dining, Open Air, and Museums.

In each of these categories you’ll find entries on various sights and experiences – each of which, furthermore you can click a link to “add to my guide” to create a personalised guide that best suits your interests.

Here’s an example, about our home turf Madrid:


The city at your feet.

From the moment you arrive, Madrid will amaze. Although it is the capital and the biggest city in the country, its inhabitants will greet you with open arms. There are endless ideas here for your entertainment and with every visit you visit you’ll be exposed to another one of Madrid’s faces, which are always different and never disappointing: fiesta, culture, ideas for children or just pure tranquillity. The bohemian and the avant-garde mix harmoniously with the conservative and the more traditional without pretences; it is a worthy representative of Spain’s international popularity. Enjoy!


Then click on one of the sights below to find:


Plaza de España

Get your camera ready! Pay homage to Cervantes with a photo next to the statues of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza.

Add to my guide

Plaza de España

Halfway between the Templo de Debod, Gran Vía and the Palacio Real.

It could be the downtown plaza of any American city, but it’s not… The Plaza de España is located halfway between the Templo de Debod, Gran Vía and the Palacio Real. Can you see the two buildings which frame it and play at being skyscrapers? This was the attempt by Francisco Franco to give the Spanish capital a cosmopolitan appearance. One of them is the Edificio España, built in 1953 which has a neo-baroque aspect and bears resemblances to American structures. Although it has houses a hotel, offices and shops, it is currently empty and cannot be visited. The other is the Torre de Madrid, a svelte white building built in 1957 which is in use. Both iconic buildings are the work of Julián and José María Otamendi. Stroll among the trees of Plaza de España, cool off in its fountains and lie in the grass to rest between walks. The sunny days always attract big crowds and very often events are organised such as Gay Pride concerts or handicraft fairs. Guaranteed fun. In the middle stands a great monument honouring Cervantes which overlooks the statues of Don Quixote on the horse and Sancho Panza on a donkey. Take a fun photo with them.


There you go – all informative and easy-peasy.  Planning a trip to an Iberia destination? Come check out these great little guides!