Flying Whilst Pregnant & With Infants

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Iberia just loves travelling families – as well as those who are in a family way! Of course, both can present special challenges, particularly when it comes to pregnancy, and each airline has its own guidelines and requirements. Iberia, like many, takes its cues from the International Airline Transport Association (IATA). Here are the most important points…

Flying up till the 28th week of pregnancy presents no problems – though women should consult their doctors beforehand anyway as a precaution. This is especially important after the 28th week, when women should definitely get their doctors’ opinions on whether flying is advisable. And we do recommend that pregnant women not fly at all as of the 36th week (or even the 32nd if sonograms indicate twins or more). And if it’s deemed absolutely necessary, to get their doctors’ official authorisation, which will be requested at the boarding gate; alternatively, a certificate may be requested from Iberia’s medical service. (One exception to this rule is Vueling flight numbers IB5xxx, on which it will not be possible to fly after the 35th week of pregnancy).

It’s also worth noting that pregnant women receive priority boarding if they identify themselves to Iberia’s gate personnel.


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Once having given birth, new mums may feel free to fly again after one week. But as for newborns, it’s recommended to wait at least one month before flying with them.

And when you do fly with your infant, recommendations include making sure the baby is well hydrated before, during, and after the flight. Keep in mind, too, that just as many adult ears can be affected by changes in pressure, this is likely to be even more true for the tender, underdeveloped ears of infants. For this and other reasons, best to consult your pediatrician before flying with young babies.