Update on the New Terminal 4 at Madrid’s Barajas Airport


L2F Mar 18 pic Spain Madrid Barajas Terminal 4


If you’re flying into or out of our home base, Madrid‘s Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport, you might end up at its new Teminal 4, made up of a main building and a satellite building, connected by a four-minute train ride with frequencies of just two to three minutes. So here are some tips to clue you in one what’s taking off and landing at Barajas’ newest terminal. 

If you’re landing at T4 for a connecting flight, check your onward ticket for the section your flight is departing from. H, J, and K are located in the main building, while M and S can be found in the satellite. Which letters host which arrivals/departures depends on the countries at either end of the flights. Here’s a thumbnail guide to which are which:

  • Flights between countries of Europe‘s Schengen Area (mostly though not 100-percent aligned with the 26 countries of the European Union, with no internal borders) are almost always at the main building (H, J, K). You’ll want to allow yourself at least 15 minutes to get from one gate to another.
  • Flights between Schengen countries and those in the Americas, Africa, and Middle East are split between the buildings, with arrivals in the main building and departures in the satellite. Here you’ll want to make sure to leave 20 to 30 minutes to get between gates.
  • More specifically, flights from the Americas, Africa, and Middle East to the Schengen Area will generally have you landing at the satellite and taking off from the main terminal sections H, J, K. Again, 20 to 30 minutes gate to gate.
  • Flights with final destinations in the Americas, Africa, and Middle East (for example, if you’re flying between Miami and Johannesburg) are all contained at the satelite building, and will take you around 15 minutes to get between gates.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re a member of Iberia Business Plus, Gold, Platinum, or Singular, you’re entitled to enjoy either of the airline’s VIP lounges whilst between flights. And finally, there is no immigration control at the S section of the satellite building.