On Iberia’s 90th Anniversary, 2 Baggage/Cargo Supervisors Speak


Conversaciones Ronda Mayo

At Iberia we like to say we’re one big family. And sometimes that’s true in a quite literal sense, as in the case of Amalio and María Aparicio, father and daughter. Eleven years after retiring, Amalio came back to our base at Barajas Airport with a dialogue with his daughter on how things have and haven’t changed in the auxiliary services departments that play a critical role in supporting our airport operations.

_A1A9483Today María is a supervisor of aircraft loading and unloading operations.  Her work day unfolds right out on the tarmac, usually at a fairly hectic pace. Years ago, her dad held a similar position – with less technology, but just as much dedication.

And in a very real sense, at Iberia, and for all its employees, every day is like the first day: even at the ripe old age of 90, we still face the invigorating challenge not just to keep up the good work, but to do it even better, and to keep growing.

That holds true for María Aparicio, as well, who has followed in her father’s footsteps and inherited his passion for airport work. Today she’s the one who helps exemplify how we work to manage the work of our fleet and the cargo and baggage it transports – the fresh face of the modern Iberia and its dynamic aircraft loading and unloading operations.

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