Adventure & Astronomy in Chile



In my various travels, few times have I returned as impressed by a destination as from Chile, leaving me determined to go back again and again. Because this is one of those companies which shamelessly steals your heart, and can’t be gotten out of the system in one trip. A perfect example is Conguillío National Park, up in the Andes and blanketed with forests of exotic araucarias, coniferous evergreens whose pointy leaves, halfway up this long, skinny country.
Sunning my face on outside a restaurant in the Los Lagos region town of Entre Lagos after a lovely lunch of salmon recommended by its friendly chef herself. Between the flowers and other colours which would have made the impressionist painters of yore green with envy, you can look around you – at sights overlooking for example the lovely Lake Puyehue, for example – and think, this is truly paradise.