Relaxation Techniques For Better Sleep


Pradera espontánea

All too many of us have had the experience when trying to get some sleep of having a whirl of thoughts and worries get in the way. That’s why relaxation before sleep isn’t something merely nice but oftentimes necessary. A few minutes devoted to relaxing before setting off for dreamland will allow you to calm and clear your mind so that you can get the all-important rest you need to hit the ground in top form the next day. So following are some tips and techniques to help you on your way, and can be adapted for use in-flight, as well.

When you’re trying this at home, you’ll want to set the scene properly, as with any relaxation technique. That includes:

  • Switching off phones and devices in order to devote a few minutes just to yourself.
  • Make sure the room you’re in is generally quiet as well as comfortable in terms of temperature.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Candles, soothing music, and even incense (if that’s your taste) can also maximise the tranquillity factor.

Then once the stage is set:

  • Find the most comfortable position possible, preferably lying down in bed or on a soft surface.
  • Make sure your clothing is loose and comfortable.
  • Have a blanket or similar covering handy just in case.
  • Start your sessin with three deep breaths, closing your eyes and making a conscious attempt to let your body’s accumulated tensions drain from you.
  • Try to wipe your conscious mind clean of thoughts – and if this proves challenging, counting slowly and purposefully from one to 10 may help.

Now bring your imagination into play and visualise the following scene:

You’re at the top of a staircase, a very, very high staircase which you must descend very slowly, step by step. Below, a lovely landscape awaits – a vast, green, flower-filled field. The weather is that of a mild early-summer day, and the sun warms your face and body.

As you slowly make your way down the stairs, keep progressively clearing your mind and relaxing your muscles from head to toe, step by step by step. Your goal is that by the time you reach the flowery meadow, your mind and body will be so relaxed that you can fully enjoy the landscape you find yourself in. Once there, your objective is to revel in each detail – every bloom and its colours and scents, the sunshine, the singing of the birds, and the sighing of the breeze.

Make sure your rate of breathing is gentle, and that you focus on it, along with the rise and fall of your chest with each breath. Visualise each detail of the scenery in your mind’s eye once you reach the bottom of the steps (you can look at photos of actual meadows or natural scenes you like beforehand to help you out in this).

Good luck, have a relaxing day, and sweet dreams!


image |  trebol_a