#SocialFlight: The Story of Our Most ‘Social’ Flight



Can you imagine flying to the destination of your dreams on a very special airline flight? That’s exactly what the lucky passengers of IB6257 from Madrid to New York and IB6252 from New York to Madrid got to experience in September.

Iberia’s Social Flight all began with a unique auction in which Facebook users looking to fly between those two cities between September 20 and 25 got to do so at fares of their own choice. How? By placing bids on tickets via our Spanish-language Facebook page. All told, we received more than 17,000 bids for more that 33,000 seats.

From the moment this sale began, the entire Iberia team mobilised to welcome these special passengers, the participants in Iberia’s very first #SocialFlight. Checking the Facebook profiles of the winning bidders, we were able to learn their publicly declared likes and preferences and use this information to tailor personalised service and attention to each of them during the flights.

That is how the world’s first flights organised by an airline on social media came to be. Unique details included copies of our Ronda magazine with a customised cover; specially designed inflight kits; customised scripts for our cabin crews; no less than four onboard birthday celebrations; prizes awarded to social media contest winners; even a marriage proposal! Good moments all, which accompanied us on this remarkable social adventure. Watching the above video, who wouldn’t want to be part of the next social flight?

Do take a look – and it’s very possible that the plane labeled “Social Flight Today” could soon have a new destination. We’ll be waiting for you on board!