7 of Brazil’s Best Beach Destinations, in its Northeast

December 3, 2020 - Sin comentarios

Thiago Santos   With a staggering nearly 7,500 kilometres (4,660 miles) of Atlantic Ocean coastline, of course my country has no shortage of lovely beaches. Rio de Janeiro strands like Copacabana and Ipanema may be the world's most reknowned...Leer más

10 More Cool Spots (and Facts About Them) in 10 Iberia Destinations

December 9, 2019 - Sin comentarios

Daniel Lange   Last week I tossed out eleven cool things about places in Iberia destinations which you may not've known, but add an extra dimension to visitors' experiences of these great cities. Well, that was so much fun I decided to dig u...Leer más

The Eco/Active Side of Rio de Janeiro

November 20, 2019 - Sin comentarios

Zielonamapa.pl    Over the years, this blog has given a lot of love to South America's most storied city - its Carnaval and visiting its samba schools; touring its favela slums; neighbourhoods like Lapa, Santa Teresa, Urca, and the Little A...Leer más

Sumo, Japan’s Supersized Sport of Tradition

August 26, 2019 - Sin comentarios

Arcimboldo   Most traditional pursuits in the Land of the Rising Sun tend to be fairly sedate affairs - from tea ceremonies to stylised Noh theatre to flower arranging. But its unique form of traditional wrestling - dating back more than 1,5...Leer más

7 of the World’s Most Impressive Libraries

May 20, 2019 - Sin comentarios

  normallens   In this souped-up digital age, the concept of a physical, brick-and-mortar space - and what's more, one meant for quiet study and contemplation - seems increasingly quaint. But for lovers of history, architecture, an...Leer más

On Your Mark, Get Set – ‘Iku’! It’s the Tokyo Marathon!

March 1, 2019 - Sin comentarios

©TCVB   One of the half dozen World Marathon Majors on the international competitive-running circuit (the others being Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, and New York City). And this year, a record number of runners have registered for the 13...Leer más

Romantic Valentine’s Day Activities In/Near 26 Iberia Destinations

February 14, 2019 - Sin comentarios

PeopleImages   Sure, going out for an intimate dinner à deux is pretty much everyone's default on this day for lovers. But to make Valentine's Day extra special, seek out an experience that will make it truly memorable for years to come. Hi...Leer más

Brazil’s Top Ecotourism Stars

December 27, 2018 - Sin comentarios

Darrell Champlin   Latin America's largest country is home to a bewildering variety of natural landscapes, from jungles to deserts and tropical seashores to crisp Alpine mountains. Here are some Brazil highlights that nature lovers will wa...Leer más

The Beauties of São Paulo

October 15, 2018 - Sin comentarios

photos | Algo Que Recordar   You might be wondering, wait - what now? I've never heard Latin America's largest metropolis was beautiful. Well, it's true that there are a some cities in the world well worth visiting just because of their b...Leer más

The Soul of Rio de Janeiro: Its ‘Little Africa’ Neighbourhoods

June 11, 2018 - Sin comentarios

photos | Sarah Brown   Though most famous for Carnival, golden beaches, and world-famous landmarks, the real heart of Rio de Janeiro, for those in the know, lies in its downtown, most notably in Saúde, Gamboa, and the surrounding neighb...Leer más

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