To Explore Spain, Fly with Iberia & Drive with Avis



What am I doing writing about car hire on an airline blog, you might wonder. Well, while Spain‘s premier air carrier serves its airports admirably well, it goes without saying that there are countless more corners of this varied country that are reachable only overland, whether by rail, motorcoach, or car. And it’s with that last mode of travel that Iberia has instituted a great fly-drive programme with the multinational car-hire company Avis – and one that I’d like to tell you more about here.


With Iberia’s Flight + Car packages, you can choose from a vast fleet of cars offered in many destinations by its exclusive partner Avis, either at your airport of arrival or any other Avis location (and if the latter, indicate which at the time of booking on the relevant page of Iberia’s website). These combined packages offer discounts of between 20 and 30 percent off regular rates; allow one additional driver for free; and you can put down a deposit upon booking, then at the end either pay the balance all at once or in installments.

Furthermore, you can also earn Avios (for example, the number of Avios by Iberia Plus members in Spain starts at 1,700). Booking this package four times in a single year will add another 1,000 Avios, and booking it with the Iberia Icon card another 250 on top of that. And once you’ve made your first booking, you can of course also use previously banked Avios (starting at 1,000) to pay for subsequent Flight + Car packages.

If any issues arise with regard to your Flight + Car package, 24/7 customer service is available from Iberia by phone (+34 911 77 63 10) or social media (Facebook and Twitter).


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