For Inflight Relaxation, Try Hand Massages


Masaje de manosIn past posts, we’ve provided psychological advice on how to alleviate anxiety or fear of flying, but physical approaches also have their place. If you’re flying with a companion, a hand massage provided by that person – whether during the flight or while waiting to board – can be effective way to induce a relaxed state and allow you to better face the stresses of flying.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you on your way:

  • Warm them up: It goes without saying that both the masseur and the recipient should be comfortable and relaxed. Then it will help to apply a bit of baby oil on the masseur’s hands and rub them together a bit to warm them up before massaging.
  • Relaxation: Begin with gentle movements with the palms from the centre of the palm toward the fingers. This can be repeated as often as desired.
  • Pressure: Place your thumb on the palm of the other person, then apply moderate pressure and move it in small circles. Repeat this action using your knuckles. Then with your index finger, trace the tendons of the back of the person’s hand, gently finishing up between the skin in between the fingers.
  • Release stress: Take the entire hand from side to side and press gently, repeatly two or three times. Then use your fingers as if they were a ring, taking each finger and pressing softly.
  • Circles: With one hand gently grasp the person’s wrist, and with the other the rest of that same hand, and make slow up-and-down movements, like a foot bearing down on a car’s accelerator pedal.


image | uomoelettrico