25 Top Spots for Fall Foliage Watching in Europe

August 16, 2017 - Sin comentarios

Ondrej Prosicky When you read about spectacular autumn foliage and leaf-peeping, the vast majority of the attention gets focused on places like the northerly regions of the USA. But many Europeans can tell you that large parts of the the Old Cont...Leer más

Barbecue in the USA: A Quick Primer

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Tenerife’s ‘Parrot Park’ Is Actually a Critter-Palooza

August 8, 2017 - Sin comentarios

jmiguel rodriguez Outside the north-coast city of Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Loro Parque is named for the 150 parrots it started out with in 1972. But 45 years later, it's grown both in size - by about ten times, now 13.5 hectare...Leer más

Loving Lausanne, a Gem of French Switzerland

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Eyef Dee Before visiting Switzerland’s lovely, fourth largest city (pop. 146,000), I didn’t realise that Lausanne was built (beginning in the 5th century AD) on three big hills, and so it features lots of steep streets, narrow staircases and - i...Leer más

Sweet Summer Escapes in the Madrid Region

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Turismo Comunidad de Madrid It's undeniable: the Community of Madrid surrounding Spain's capital has it all for an unforgettable summer. All within an hour of the city of Madrid you'll find a very different side of things, with a wide range of holid...Leer más

Iberia & the Way of St. James

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Manuel This week marks the highlight of the year for many in the majestic Galicia city of Santiago de Compostela: the celebrations and events surrounding tomorrow's Feast Day of St. James the Apostle, by when many of those hiking northern Spain's Ca...Leer más

Asinara Island an Italian Eco-Gem

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Marco Once notorious as the Alcatraz or Devil's Island of the Mediterranean, these days hilly, petite Asinara Island (just 52 square kilometres/20 sq. miles) off the northwestern tip of Sardinia is a nature paradise that is one of Europe's under-...Leer más

Iberia Plus Supercharges Shopping in Madrid & Barcelona

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Who luvs them some shopping on holiday? Well, have we got deals for you. In recent years, Spain outlet shopping has been growing in popularity, and its two largest cities, Madrid and Barcelona, now sport elegant outlet shopping centres. And sinc...Leer más

Setúbal, Portugal’s Top Eco-Chic Destination

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  Paulo Valdivieso About an hour's drive south of Lisbon, Setúbal is hot. A district of nearly 120,000, anchored by an old sardine port on the Sado River estuary dating back to 5th-century Roman Hispania, it's a brilliant mix of quaint, h...Leer más

Spain’s *Real* Goth Girls (& Guys): Top 7 Visigothic Sites

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Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando   The Visigoths were among the Germanic tribes that sacked imperial Rome in the early 5th century and came to hold sway over significant swaths of what is today Italy and especially southern Fran...Leer más

297618 written by Alex


A good Guachinche is more prop-up than pop-up ?

298184 written by John Reid


Super, inviting article. That “Bacalao Encebollado” looks absolutely delicious!

Did you know that some historians suggest the term “Guachinche” has its origins in the old English “Watching Ye”?

British mechants would be rowed ashore from their anchored ships off Port Orotava. They would then visit competing local wine producers to taste their exquisite wines, perhaps the Malmsey so fondly mentioned by William Shakespeare.

The wine producer would invite the merchant into their homes, to taset their new wines, accompanied by whatever there was to eat on the table. The suggestion is that, while being shown the wined on offer, the British merchant would say “I’m watching Ye”. (Guachinche).

Whether that is true or not, it does make a nice story!

298218 written by Matthew Hirtes


Thanks for your informative feedback, John. It’s really appreciated that you comment so knowingly. Quite a few Canarian words have their roots in Britain, it seems.

305904 written by George Float


I’d miss guachinches WAY too much to ever leave Tenerife. Such good food and amazing value always:-)

The best guachinches are always well hidden. Icod de los Vinos has some good ones. Someone actually made an Iphone app to find them. It’s call Guachapp. It’s pretty handy!

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