The Madrid Region’s DOC Wines: The Navalcarnero Route

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Flying Into Barcelona

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Spain’s Scrumptious Easter Treats

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Aarhus, Denmark – European Capital of Culture 2017

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297618 written by Alex


A good Guachinche is more prop-up than pop-up ?

298184 written by John Reid


Super, inviting article. That “Bacalao Encebollado” looks absolutely delicious!

Did you know that some historians suggest the term “Guachinche” has its origins in the old English “Watching Ye”?

British mechants would be rowed ashore from their anchored ships off Port Orotava. They would then visit competing local wine producers to taste their exquisite wines, perhaps the Malmsey so fondly mentioned by William Shakespeare.

The wine producer would invite the merchant into their homes, to taset their new wines, accompanied by whatever there was to eat on the table. The suggestion is that, while being shown the wined on offer, the British merchant would say “I’m watching Ye”. (Guachinche).

Whether that is true or not, it does make a nice story!

298218 written by Matthew Hirtes


Thanks for your informative feedback, John. It’s really appreciated that you comment so knowingly. Quite a few Canarian words have their roots in Britain, it seems.

305904 written by George Float


I’d miss guachinches WAY too much to ever leave Tenerife. Such good food and amazing value always:-)

The best guachinches are always well hidden. Icod de los Vinos has some good ones. Someone actually made an Iphone app to find them. It’s call Guachapp. It’s pretty handy!

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