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53995 written by Judith Doyle


Comentario I have had a Nikon D80 for many years now. Splendid camera that has given me good publishable results. As I get older, it has got heavier! I now hesitate to take it with me when trekking because of weight.
I would be interested to get advice on a replacement camera with much the same qualities (if possible) but much lighter. I have found that by the time I put a long lens onto a smallish camera body, the weight approaches that of my present camera anyway. Any suggestions on a suitable model of camera?

54230 written by Lee Howard


Hi Judith

Have you tried the Nikon D3100, about 20% lighter? Perhaps with a smaller, lighter fixed lens, a good quality one that you can have fun with at wide apertures. Far less heavy than a large zoom.
It depends, really what kind of shots you take and how you use them.
You can experiment by hiring / renting different cameras and lenses for a day (or weekend) before settling on your new favourite.
As an alternative to DSLRs, keep up your photography with a compact like the Canon Powershot SX280. Quality is not as good but they’re so easy to carry around.
Looking forward to seeing some of your shots. Are you on flickr?

54254 written by Lee Howard


To add to that, National Geographic just published a great list of compact cameras for travel photography. The Sony DSC-RX10 looks like a winner.


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