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Getting to Know Spain’s Most Distinguished Composers

March 20, 2015 - Sin comentarios

When it comes to the fine arts in Europe, Spain has produced a phenomenal wealth of painting and literature, while in terms of music - the glories of flamenco notwithstanding, its classical composers have not become household names, tending to ta...Leer más

Sweet! 5 Chocolate Travel Destinations

March 18, 2015 - Sin comentarios

Fewer foodstuffs in the world today seem to have more fans than xocolātl, the cacao-based infusion the Spanish conquistadors found quaffed by the elites of Aztec, Mayan, and other Mesoamerica societies they conquered. Back then, it was not neces...Leer más

Essential Ireland for First-Time Visitors

March 17, 2015 - Sin comentarios

One of Europe's greenest, loveliest lands, the Emerald Isle - also fondly dubbed "the Oud Sod" - is a delightful mix of small, fetching cities; bucolic landscapes; and of course friendly, gregarious folk. At the same time, Ireland these days is...Leer más

Beautiful, Brooding Bruges, Belgium

March 12, 2015 - Sin comentarios

Of Belgian cities, Brussels is certainly better known. And of canal cities, ditto Amsterdam. But for true connoisseurs of historic urban Europe, the Belgian canal city of Bruges (Brugge, in the native language of Flanders, where it's located) is tr...Leer más

Spanish Cuisine’s Greatest Hits

March 10, 2015 - Sin comentarios

If you know Spain (or at least love its food) as well as I do, you're well aware that this country is a scrumptious smorgasbord (with apologies to the Swedes) with amazing variety, utilising pretty much every flavour and texture you can think of....Leer más

Ah, Ávila – City of Stones & Saints

March 4, 2015 - Sin comentarios

Spain is positively bursting with historic, highly atmospheric walled towns. But there is perhaps no gem of this sort in all the peninsula greater than the UNESCO World Heritage city of Ávila, in Castile and León, a mere hour-and-fifteen-minu...Leer más

Terrific Ticino: Switzerland ‘all’Italiana’

March 2, 2015 - Sin comentarios

When it comes to this quintessential Alpine country deep in the heart of Europe, most people think of it in terms of its Germanic and Francophone flavours. But way down in Switzerland's south, bordering Italy, the language and culture are Itali...Leer más

The Bilbao Effect

February 25, 2015 - Sin comentarios

There are so many things to like about the largest city of Euskadi (the Basque name for Spain's Basque Country). Bilbao was not long ago a gritty industrial city, these days an urban-renewal star effervescing with excitement in design, culture, c...Leer más

The Bodacious Basilica of Marseille

February 23, 2015 - Sin comentarios

A very special few of the world's countless places of worship manage to become truly extraordinary places in their own right. One of them is the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde, a green-and-white neo-Byzantine vision which looms over the French...Leer más

6 of the World’s Choicest Chinatowns

February 19, 2015 - Sin comentarios

恭喜發財 (That's Kung hei fat choy! to you). As hundreds of millions ring in the Year of the Sheep for Chinese New Year (aka Lunar New Year) today, I'm reminded of one of the Chinese diaspora's great gifts to travellers across the planet: ...Leer más

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